jhea espares ︎︎︎


I am a

designer, researcher, storyteller, collaborator, music-maker, writer, eldest daughter,
dog mother,
kettlebell swinger, indoor rower, hbo and live music lover

I am passionate about

creating experiences that foster joy & wonder, melding histories & futures, making sense of complex ideas on society & technology, reminding fellow humans of our inner child desires through human-centered design & narrative storytelling

I am currently

supporting a small fun team of games user researchers at
PlayStation San Diego Studio, collaborating with narrative, UX, and game designers, and coordinating research lab operations

Previously, I have
  1. designed mobile interfaces for a public speaking app
  2. ideated design solutions for diabetes education
  3. researched underlying factors that affect the quality of life of people aging with diabetes
  4. documented local nightlife of hillcrest, san diego
  5. experimented with digital sound compositions