jhea espares ︎︎︎


“the final dance” (2020)
editor, composer

In the light of early lockdown, I reflect on my unrelenting desire to be in the midst of other people.

“the last tree” (2020)
editor, photographer, writer, composer

Tying together various photographs, I bring life into a mechanical tree so desperate of a past life.

“Hillcrest: Lively, Artistic, and Culturally Rich” (2019)
co-director, co-editor, camera, boom operator

Exploring the inner workings of ethnographic filmmaking for the first time, our team sets out to capture the nightlife of one of San Diego’s most vibrant communities.

“the downplay of the matrix” (2020)

Keanu Reeves underestimates the impact of The Matrix in an old Rosie interview.