jhea espares ︎︎︎

about me.

Hello, I’m Jhea.  

It’s like Princess Leia but with a J ︎

As a life-long student of human-centered and speculative design, design research, digital sociology, and filmmaking, I am deeply passionate about designing and researching new creative experiences and exploring their influences on our greater collective human experience.

I am grounded by my intention in contributing to design spaces that require bridging the gaps between various disciplines to create new solutions in the form of innovative digital and physical experiences.

At this stage in my early design and creative career, I hope to further strengthen my craft within design software and creative entertainment industries to contribute to creating new experiences that aim to improve how humans interact with, play, produce, and share new ideas and information within our digital world.

When I am not bound to my beloved, rugged MacBook, my life consists of rest, mindfulness, photography, music, gaming, live concerts, road trips, tv/films, new cultural experiences, and quality time with strange friends and friendly strangers.

Want to collaborate? Let’s chat - jhea.espares@gmail.com ︎


I am currently...

listening to.




︎  Alessandro Bava’s Office Goals: The effects of remote work on the urban city landscape

︎  Knowing Together: Experiential Knowledge and Collaboration

︎  Miguel Sicart: Play Matters

︎  Maya Deren: An Anagram of Ideas and Art Form and Film

︎  Z. Blas, et al. Has the Internet Become Human or a Thing? Or Have We Become the Internet?

︎ MUBI: Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris

︎  Interview: Toni Morrison, The Art of Fiction No. 134

looking forward to.

︎   learning how to cook Chinese and Italian dishes

︎   new opportunities for growth and travel

︎   improving on my indoor rowing and kettlebell PRs

︎   cuddles/naps with my Havanese-Poodle pup, Prince

︎   Florence Welch’s new album

︎   Ruben Ostlund’s  Triangle of Sadness

︎   anything Michaela Coel and Phoebe Waller-Bridge create

︎   mastering Nicholas Britell’s Succession (Main Theme) on the piano