jhea espares ︎︎︎


PlayStation San Diego Studios

Coordinating research lab operations for San Diego Studio’s MLB The Show (current)

As the sole research assistant for San Diego Studio’s research team, I manage lab operations, maintain research databases, assist with in-person studies & playtests, sustain relationships with external vendors and stakeholders, support the various needs of our senior researchers, and collaborate weekly with narrative, creative, and UX design teams.

UCSD Design Lab - Diabetes Design Initiative (DDI) 

Setting the stage for future research on Type 1 Diabetes and Aging


Through need-finding and exploratory research, our team dove deep into the lives of people aging with Type 1 Diabetes, understanding the roots of their frustrations that span from unforseen changes in health to larger institutional barriers.

UCSD Design Lab - Diabetes Design Initiative (DDI)

Exploring the needs of people aging with diabetes and value of a redesigned diabetes care directive


Using our prior spring and fall 2021 research with the Type 1 Diabetes aging community, our team continued with the goal of exploring the needs of people aging with type 1 diabetes, particularly within the healthcare setting. Through human-centered design methods and the biopsychosocial model, we explore opportunity areas, such as the potential of a care directive tool among others, that may serve as solutions to the varying needs of people aging with type 1 diabetes.